Juice Cleanses:
1) Ginger Chia Lemonade - after you wake your body will go into your reserves, then your stomach, looking for energy sources. Thirty minutes later your body will go after your muscles for energy, so you will need the Ginger Chia at that point to replenish.
2) Grapefruit - about 2 - 2 1/2 hours later we have this one. The reason for 2 citric acid juices at the beginning is to kick-start your metabolism into high gear. It's like going from 60 to 120 on the highway in an instant; your metabolism is now at its top form to cleanse.
3) Green Envy - the first green juice is taken about 2 - 2 1/2 hours later. This will act as your lunch, and is considered your "meal" of the juices.
4) Ruby Roots - this juice is a little sweeter. It will help you curb your carb cravings. If you normally have an afternoon snack or reach for the cookie jar then this will help you with those cravings.
5) Green Envy - your second green juice of the day will occur around dinnertime, again about two hours after the Ruby Roots.
6) Cacao Maca Almond Milk - we make our own lactose free almond milk, naturally easier on the stomach. It acts as the "reward" for making it through the day. It provides a good source of protein and energy.

We need 24 hours notice to prepare juice cleanses of more than one day. Three day cleanses are $140